According to statistics, every third small organization is subjected to cyber-attacks. Less than 50% of companies seek to secure information on the Internet, and only a few of them regularly update their security systems. As a result, this leads to serious material problems.

All companies that store and process information need data protection. The more IT technologies are used in an organization, the more attention needs to be paid to virtual security. Measures to protect information on the Internet should be organized regularly and be an indispensable part of the company’s strategy.


Risks for Companies

Information is very important for successful business development, Therefore, it needs appropriate protection. This has become especially relevant in a business environment where information technology has come to the fore. Since we live in the era of the digital economy, without them, the growth of the company is simply impossible.

Information is now exposed to an increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities. Hacker attacks, interception of data over the network, the impact of virus software and other threats are becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, there is a need to implement information security systems that can protect company data.

The selection of suitable information protection tools is influenced by many factors, including the scope of the company, its size, technical side, as well as employee knowledge in the field of information security.


User Computer Protection

To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following simple rules:

  • Strong passwords. No need to set passwords that are too simple like 12345 or qwerty. Many programs have been developed that can calculate passwords by matching. If a fraudster knows a person, then picking up login information is not so difficult. For the security of your PC, it is recommended to invent passwords using uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Data encryption. In this case, access is granted only using the key. It is suitable for the security of individual files and folders. To do this, you need to transfer files to the password-protected zip archive.
  • Antivirus. To gain access to someone else’s computer, cybercriminals use viruses. To avoid hacking, it is recommended to install antivirus programs and regularly update them.
  • HTTPS protocol. It does not allow data interception. But the server needs to support this technology. The unilateral use is not possible.
  • Wireless Security. If the access to Wi-Fi is not limited, this will attract scammers. To avoid data theft, it is recommended that you select a WPA / WPA2 data encryption method and come up with a complex password.
  • Parental control. It is convenient if children use the Internet. For a child, you can create a separate account with limited access to sites.



Unfortunately, despite numerous ways, they are vulnerable in their own ways. Therefore, it is recommended to use several options at once.

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